Collective behaviors refers to social processes and events which do not reflect existing social structure (laws, conventions, and institutions), but which emerge in a spontaneous way. Until very recent, little attention has been put on collective behavior. With the dramatic growth of online social networks in recent years, it is more imperative than ever to develop new analytics technologies that can derive an accurate understanding of collective behaviors based on social network mining. This requires inter-disciplinary efforts from multiple research fields, including but not limited to data mining, network engineering, social science, and psychology.

The main goal of this Workshop is to provide an international forum for researchers and industry practitioners to share their ideas, original research results, as well as potential challenges and prospects encountered in understanding collective behaviors in the social networks. The workshop is expected to cover the theory and practices for collective behavior understanding. As collective behavior analysis represents a relatively new branch in data mining, this workshop with complement main conference by foster more focused discussion on this topic.